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Dance Class

Thank you, Paradigm Dance Project, for the wonderful dance experience that you've provided for my daughter over the last 10 years. She has blossomed as a dancer and experienced quality dance instruction with a strong focus on technique. Her instructors have been incredibly talented teachers who love dance education. They have invested their time in really getting to know her and making sure she knows how special she is as a person.


The extensive class offerings at PDP have allowed our daughter to experience and learn all forms of dance. She has gained confidence, focus and valuable time management skills balancing dance, home and school. The Paradigm Dance Project studio has become her second home. She has made life-long bonds and memories with the dancers and staff. As a parent, it's been a pleasure to be involved and experience how the art of dance at a quality, caring studio. PDP has had such a positive impact on our family. 


Our family is so thankful that we discovered Paradigm Dance Project. We have three young daughters that attend PDP. All of their dance instructors are incredibly talented! In addition to boosting their confidence and love for dance, Tiffany and the staff at PDP have really invested their time in getting to know each of our girls by making sure they know how special they are, not only as dancers, but also as people.


Our girls are also members of Paradigm Dance Project's competition team. The other parents and dancers on the competition team have become like  a second family to us. This diverse, hard working group takes pride in their routines, which is clearly exhibited in their many accomplishments at various dance competitions and local community performances. PDP is truly the best dance studio in the Rochester, MN area. It has been an honor and pleasure to be part of an elite dance studio that cares so much for their dancers and families.


After working with the Paradigm Dance Project for the last 3 years, I continue to be impressed and overwhelmed by the level of professionalism and creativity that Tiffany brings to the studio.


My daughter has taken classes at another dance studio in Rochester, MN for the last 3 years. We decided to sign our daughter up for the Summer Dance Intensive at Paradigm Dance Project as a fun summer activity. My daughter was immediately hooked on PDP! She learned more in 3 days at Paradigm than she had learned in the last 3 years at another studio. We're really excited for her to attend classes at PDP.

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