Rochester Class Schedule

MONDAY CLASSES                       

Studio 1                                                


Studio 2




TUESDAY CLASSES                   

Studio 1                                             

5-6pm    --

6-7pm    Beginning Progressions


Studio 2

5-6pm    Beginning Contemp./Lyrical

6-7pm    Jazz 3/4

7-8pm    Intermediate Contemp./Lyrical    

8-9pm    Ballet 3


Studio 1                                                

5-6pm    Beginner Hip Hop

6-7pm    Intermediate Hip Hop

7-8pm    Tap 3

8-9pm    --  


Studio 2

5-6pm     --

6-7pm     Ballet 2

7-8pm     Jazz 2

8-9pm     --


Studio 1                                                  

Competition Company rehearsals per schedule


Studio 2



Studio 1                                                  

10-11am                  Ballet 4 (Hailey, Malana

                               & Hailey only at this time)

11-11:30am             Ballet Barre/Conditioning

11:30-12:30pm        Jazz 5

12:30-1:30pm          Adv. Contemporary

1:30-2:30pm            Adv. Progressions

2:30-4:30pm            Temporary competition

                               company choreography,

                               per schedule.



Studio 2


Tuition Payments
Monthly tuition payments are due the first regular scheduled class of the month for your dancer(s). If tuition is not paid by the 10th of the month, a 10% late fee must be added to the monthly payment.

NSF or Declined Payment
Non-sufficient funds or declined payments will be charged an additional $30 fee.

Attire for Dance
All dancers must wear proper attire. Proper shoes MUST be worn to every class. If you are not wearing proper attire, you may be asked to sit out and view the class. Please note proper attire on class description tab.

Tardiness for Dance
Students who are more than 15 minutes late will sit out and watch the class.

Care of Facility
All students are to be responsible for the cleanliness of the studio. Trash must go into the trash cans and not left on the floor. Clothing and shoes must be put away.

Parents/legal guardians of minor children and adult students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained by a student, sibling, or visitor while on Paradigm property, which resulted from normal activity during class or lessons, as well as any actions before or after class or at any performances of Paradigm students. Please report any injuries to the director if the interfere with taking class. A doctors note may be required if dance instruction has been limited by an injury, either at dance or elsewhere, before student resumes instruction.

Photo Release
Paradigm has permission to take photographs of students to use on the website, in brochures, posters, advertisements and social media. Permission is hereby granted for Paradigm Dance Project to copyright photographs and materials in its name.

Other Fees
Costume fees average $50-$60 per dance. A $50 deposit per costume is due by the following dates...

Competition Company members must pay these deposits by October 15, 2020 so costumes are received for the first competition.
Costume fees for recreational dancers are due by December 1,2020.

If there is any balance owing, you will be invoiced.
Master class and choreography fees are due as requested. Competition Team members must participate in all masters classes.
Tickets for the Spring Recital will go on sale the last week in March.

Withdrawal From Class
PDP must receive intentions to withdraw, in writing, 30 days in advance.

Code of Conduct
PDP dancers and parents will treat instructors and other families with respect. Dancers will remain law abiding. If dancers or parents have concerns about classroom management or policies, they agree to contact the director and not discuss problems with other dancers, parents or outsiders. This is the ONLY way to solve problems and teach children respectful behavior.

Studio Closures
Notice will be posted on Facebook and with KTTC if classes are closed due to inclement weather.

This notification will be posted by 2pm.
Other holiday closures are posted on the studio calendar.

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